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At North Queensland Flood Restorations, we specialise in detailed water damage inspections, Structural Drying and Mould remediation.


Flood Restoration

NQFR specialise in Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services. We take care of cleaning up any water leak with our extraction service and state of the art drying systems. We can help you to remove of all the water, dry your carpets, floors, and walls to restore your home or office to its original pre-event condition.

We perform restoration services for both residential and commercial properties in and around Cairns and Rockhampton. No job is too big or too small for us. Since we work with the insurance company, but not for the insurance company, our commitment is to you, the property owner and your needs.

Insurance Assessment Inspection process

On arrival to the water damaged property we conduct our damage/causation investigation assessment to determine the source and location of the leak in a detailed clear damage report. 

Latest Technology and Equipment

All invasive investigative works are completed using Probe cameras to minimise further damage, unless specifically requested by the Insurer or Client. We determine where the leak is using our Specialist Thermographic Infrared equipment along with our market leading moisture meters. 

Water Damage Restoration Process

If leaks are discovered within the slab further specialised acoustic equipment may be required to assist in pin pointing the leak.

We Manage the complete Water Damage Restoration Process

As an experienced Licenced builder who is trained in the latest Water Damage Restoration Technicians we are certified and experienced to manage all types of water and flood damage to your home, business or even marine vessel. We follow a set of strict safetey protocols before beginning any works

Initial Causation Inspection & Water Damage Assessment

We determine the cause of the water damage and relay it back to you. We use specialised moisture detectors and infrared camera to map out and assess the degree of water ingress sustained and determine the category and degree of water damage.

Detailed Scope of Works

Based on the extent of water absorbtion and inundation we prepare an extraction, drying and restoration plan. As a registered builder we can also prepare a damage report and Scope of works to your Insurance company

Water Extraction

We remove as much water as possible with the use of specialised extraction tools and equipment. Reducing the amount of time drying and dehumidification equipment is required to bring the building and its contents to an equilibrium moisture content.

Water Damage Odour and Sanitising

We use antimicrobial Bio States and Biocides to sanitise and control the spread of potential Mould, bacteria and viruses within the environment. Along with Powerful HEPA filtration Air scrubbers to remove 99.96% of airborne impurities and Ozone machines.

Wet Surface and Structural Drying

We install air movers and dehumidifiers to control assist in the drying process and monitor the moisture content and re-position equipment where required. Special direct it in drying equipment is used to dry under kitchen cabinets.

Protection of Contents and Restoration

All furniture in the affected areas are removed or elevated off the wet surface to prevent further absorption damage and possible further damage due to timber furniture bleeding stains on to the carpet.

Structural Restoration

ReportingAs a certified Water Damage Restoration Technician we manage the restoration program from start to finish. As licenced and registered builders we can complete demolition work and have the skills and experience to complete repairs returning your property to pre-event condition.


Our detailed inspection reports include an overview of the causation and extent of water ingress. We make Qualified / Educated recommendations if and to what extent restorations are required. Or if the affected item requires replacement based on the Cost of Repairs Verses the Cost of Restorations.

We carefully document all Moisture levels, Temperature, Relative humidity readings daily to mitigate the potential for secondary degree damages. As an experienced Insurance Building Consultant in Cairns we know exactly what requirements, expectations and information must be represented and reported on.



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What We Do

  • 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction
  • Structural Drying
  • Decontamination / sanitization of buildings
  • HEPA Air filtration
  • Mould remediation & laboratory testing
  • Odour control & deodorisation
  • Ozone treatments / ULV Fogging 
  • Infrared thermal imaging

  • Non invasive leak detections of wet areas
  • Specialised thermographic building investigations

  • Emergency restoration make safes
  • Building insurance assessments
  • Forensic water intrusion
  • Thermal imagery of water damages
  • Moisture ingress investigations