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Insurance assessment inspection process of fire damaged properties

Fire Damage Restoration

To mitigate any further loss due to exposure to corrosive materials like Soot and smoke on surfaces our Make Safe Service ensures all high cost building items are attended to ASAP to save them from any permanent damage.

Our internal Fire & Mould Restoration Process ensures the property environment is safe to enter to allow for further Insurance Assessments and Building Repairs. We ensure all Fire related air bound contaminates are removed to safe levels from the premises ensuring a safe working environment.

The fire damage restoration process

We know just how devastating a fire can be. Fire and water damage can leave your house unsafe and unliveable. We are trained to clean and restore your home with as little disruption as possible. Learn more about the fire damage restoration process.

Emergency Contact

We ask a series of question to determine the extent of the damage, possible health and safety hazards and determine the type of equipment required.

Emergency make safe

Response to secure the property by boarding up windows and doors and Covering the roof if damaged to prevent water ingress.

Initial Soot Removal

We use specialised techniques and chemicals to remove corrosive soot from all metal window frames, fittings and fixtures in an attempt to salvage and prevent long term secondary damages such as corrosion, staining and discolouring of surfaces.

 Fire and Smoke Damage Assessment (Once Forensics have been completed)

An internal and external inspection is completed to assess the extent and degree of damage. A mud map is prepared to map out the affected areas. We also conduct sample tested on the affect materials to determine if they are salvageable. And prepare a smoke damage cleaning procedure depending on the degree of contamination.

Prepare a Detailed Scope of works outlining the damages and restoration plan.

Structural drying water extraction

Remove any water which may have resulted during the fire extinguishing process if viable.

Odour Control Decontamination of the environment & Air born Contaminates

  1. All unsalvageable materials need to be removed from site which are responsible for the odour.
  2. Install HEPA Air Scrubbers to remove air contaminates
  3. Use of Air compressors to blow out and contaminant between small cracks.
  4. Dry brush down of walls and ceilings
  5. HEPA Vacuum affected walls floors and ceilings
  6. Dry Chemical Sponge Clean
  7. Chemical Wash down
  8. Clean wash down
  9. Dry treated areas
  10. Deodorise via the use of either ULV fogger, Thermal fogger, OZONE OR HYDROXAL generator.
  11. Encapsulation maybe required only when the contaminate cannot be physically be manually removed.

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Our Service

Flood Restoration

We take care of cleaning up any water leak with our extraction service and state of the art drying systems.


Mould restoration

Our mould inspections begin by  identifying affected areas and determining the cause of the growth. 


Equipment Hire

Choose the option to hire the equipment required to take control of any water damage situation. 


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