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The Latest Technology in Electrical Infrared Inspections of Power Poles

Electrical Infrared Inspections of Power Poles

Today’s electrical systems are complex and high performance. Excessive heat relative to the entire system can be a sign of potential problems. These higher temperatures often indicated loose or faulty connections, improper wiring installation, ground faults, short circuits and other common problems in electric equipment. It is often difficult to determine if there is a ticking time bomb within your electrical system simply from a visual inspection. With the help of a Certified Infrared Thermographer and their top-of-the-line equipment and expertise, you can pinpoint and repair electrical problems before they fail. This will ultimately reduce or eliminate your operational downtown and keep your company on a profitable track.

Each Thermographic Electrical survey will be conducted with the latest technology in the industry and be sent to your electrician for review.

A picture says a thousand words; infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualise and verify thermal performance. Our infrared cameras show you thermal problems, quantify them with a non-contact temperature measurement and document them automatically in seconds.

Nearly everything that uses or transmits power gets hot before it fails. Cost effective power management is critical to maintaining the reliability of your electrical and mechanical systems. Today, no one would argue the proven predictive maintenance (PM) of infrared thermography and its effectiveness. PM technology quickly, accurately and safely locates problems prior to failure. Finding and fixing a poor electrical connection before a component fails can save you the much greater costs associated with manufacturing downtime, production losses, power outages, fires and catastrophic failures.


Infrared Inspection (IR) is a diagnostic tool that can be used  to help identify conditions that cause outages and equipment damage. IR testing is based on the fact that a  good structural bond is a good thermal bond. In other words, loose connections cause heat. 

Because nearly all electrical components get  hot before failure, IR inspections are a safe  and cost-effective way for utilities to understand the operating condition of  assets and implement or compliment  a predictive maintenance strategy. A properly executed IR inspection program can help utilities achieve reliability and safety goals by:

Aiding in the prevention of  power interruptions Helping to protect expensive  equipment Providing cost-effective preventive  maintenance Enhancing critical circuit inspections Reducing potential safety hazards

NQ Flood Restoration inspection programs are  designed to help lower the costs,  reduce the risks, and improve performance. The IR inspection program is supported by  our commitment to safety, training,  quality workmanship, and the effective  use of technology.


Certified Level II Thermographers perform all training, reporting, and project management to ensure the highest levels of accuracy in both data collection and delivery.

• Transformers

• Switches

• Fuses

Using high-resolution IR camera technology, trained technicians accurately scan power lines and associated equipment. A Level II Certified Thermographer, customised reports that include:

Photovoltaic system operation inspections are used to detect faulty areas of Panels.

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